Wednesday, September 5, 2012

CJ Box and Yellowstone National Park

I have recently finished reading Free Fire by CJ Box and I can definitely recommend it. I have not read many CJ Box books so it is difficult to compare it to others he has written but as a book on its own it was a very enjoyable read.

Joe Pickett , after having been fired, is working on his father-in-laws ranch. He is rehired by Governor Rulon, of Wyoming,to help investigate four murders which took place in Yellowstone National Park. A man has committed murder, and due to a judicial loophole, cannot be prosecuted. While he is quite willing to admit to the murders, what is his motive? It is with this in mind that Joe once again returns to uniform. This detective story is compelling and the pace is good. Set against the backdrop of Yellowstone Park, which I have always found a fascinating place, with doomsayers and some ancient history that catches Joe completely off guard, this really is a must read for all of you who enjoy a good detective novel set in the great outdoors. I found it a bit gruesome in parts but that is just a personal opinion, so make up your own mind on this score.

The one thing about a great read is that it  opens your mind and inspires your imagination. It takes you on an armchair journey and wakens your curiosity. Some of the places this book led me  to were Ken Rockwell's exquisite photographs of some of the hot springs found in Yellowstone as well as photo's of the Old Faithful Inn. I also find the idea of the whole of Yellowstone as a super caldera waiting to blow at any moment very interesting.

Although CJ Box's stories are set in a  similar environment to Nevada Barr, his style is very different. If you are a Nevada Barr or a Tony Hillerman fan, then I am sure that CJ Box is going to become a firm favourite on your must read list.