Friday, April 13, 2012

A bit off topic

Dear all ( making the assumption that there is an " all" reading this blog, as I have as yet had no comments or followers) don't you just love getting mail? By this I mean the physical, letter in an envelope in your mailbox kind of mail. I love receiving letters and for years and years felt letdown every time I went to the mailbox, as there is only ever accounts or junk mail.Then I had a brainwave ( this does not often happen). If I love getting mail, then surely other people also like receiving something other than bills. So I searched the Internet for other mail mates, which is ironic considering how many people have stopped writing letters, as sending an e-mail is so much easier, cheaper and far less time consuming. I found one or two good sites, namely and and then started writing. Some people answered and some did not. I have not been as faithful a pen pal as I could be, as sometimes life just gets too busy too keep up with writing letters. Nonetheless, I am slowly building up a worldwide friendship network of like minded letter writers. I look forward to getting the post, as I never know who will be writing to me today. I know this is a book blog but anyone who loves books loves words and letters and paper and stories. Letters are just a different kind of book, a personal book written just for you, telling someone's story. Isn't that an exciting thought? How many people can say they have received a book written specifically with them in mind? If you are a bit tired of corresponding by e-mail, which is convenient but far less exciting than receiving an actual handwritten letter, why not pick up a pen, buy some pretty notepaper and join the revolution!

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